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    VISIONARIES : Witterquick...

    VISIONARIES : Witterquick action figure þ Included : Action figureBody hologram Right thumb is break Crotch is not break ý Missing parts : Scepter...
  • VISIONARIES : Leoric action figure þ Included : Action figure with scepterBody hologram Helmet Thumbs and crotch are not break Body shows slightly...
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    BIKER MICE FROM MARS : Throttle bike's (Red Variant) - 1993 þ Content : 1 bike Paintwear ý Missing : 2 missiles inside exhaust pipes
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    SECRET WARS : Constrictor

    SECRET WARS : Constrictor þ Content :Action figure in very good condition ý Miss : Weapons, shield and holograms
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    VISIONARIES : Reekon action...

    VISIONARIES : Reekon action figure from Dagger Assault þ Included : Action figure Thumbs and crotch are not break ý Missing parts : Body hologram...
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    VISIONARIES : Darkstorm...

    VISIONARIES : Darkstorm action figure þ Included : Action figure with scepterBody hologram Helmet Thumbs and crotch are not break ý Missing parts...
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    MOTU : Battlecat Gringer...

    Masters of the universe : Battlecat þ Content : 1 tiger all complete Made in France  ý Missing : Nothing
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    MOTU : Tri-Klops

    MOTU : Tri-Klops þ Content : Action figure with very few paintwearOrange paint variant (exist with brown)Made in France HarnessMade in FranceBroken...
  • MOTU - Kobra Khan þ Content : 1983 Action figureMade in FranceExcellent shape (some light paintwear) Stand very well Water system not checked...
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    MOTU : Roboto Made in France

    Action figure Roboto  þ Content : 1984 action figureMade in FranceStand very wellLight paintwear on feets Canons (Made in France) Axe (Made in...
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    MOTU : Skeletor / Skelly

    Figurine de Skeletor þ Content : Action Figure - 1981Made in TaiwanStand very wellPaintwear on face Scepter (Made in Taiwan) Sword (No made in -...
  • POWER RANGERS : Black bison - Gaoranger þ Content : 1 Deluxe megazord No paintwear Excellent conditions ý Missing : Nothing
  • TMNT : Mike Kowabunga Sewer Surf - 1990 þ Content : Action figures in perfect condition Belt Surf Blade Crab ý Missing : Nothing
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    SAINT SEIYA : Epsilon with box

    Epsilon action figure þ Content :Action figure Complete armor Stand Box Insert styrofoam Transparent cover ý Missing : Instructions
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    Gi Joe : Tomax et Xomat V1...

    GI JOE : Tomax et Xomat V1 þ Included : 2 Action figureNo break ( Thumbs or crotch) Lot of paintwear on Xamot  Light paintwear on tomax Stand well...
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    Gi Joe : Flint V3 Action...

    GI JOE : Flint V3 þ Included : 1 Action figureNo break ( Thumbs or crotch) Light paintwear (Hair and shoes) Stand well 1 helmet ý Missing : 2...
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    GI JOE : Figurine Hardball...

    GI JOE : Hardball V1 þ Included : 1 Action figure Crotch is OKThumbs are OK Stand well (left knee is slightly flexible) Paint is in excellent...
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    GI JOE : Crimson Guard V1...

    GI JOE : Crimson Guard V1 þ Included : 1 Action figure mint conditionNo break ( Thumbs or crotch) No paintwear - Brilliant colors Stand well 1...
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    TMNT : Videotape Le...

    VHS Dragon Ball Z þ Content : Videotape with 2 cartoons -  French content! 1 box with original cover ý Missing: Nothing

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